Smart Package Lockers and Mailroom Software

Secure 24/7 automated delivery access for apartment complexes, commercial buildings, universities, and more! 

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These Great Companies Chose Our Solutions:

Managing your packages just got easier, faster and more secure!

We provide a cloud based platform, locker operating system, applications and services that facilitate secure exchange of physical goods at apartment complexes, commercial properties, universities, and more!

Save Your Staff Time

Completely automate package and delivery receiving and overhead from delivering packages to residents!

Empower Your Residents

Give your residents 24/7 access to their receive deliveries and make it simple for them to ship and return products!

Improve Security

Our locker and mailroom solutions offer complete chain-of-custody and security feature so make sure deliveries are never lost again!

“We believe this is a state-of-the-art amenity that will provide a true benefit to our residents.”

"Introducing Smiota’s package management solution significantly reduced the time taken to process hundreds of packages received daily"

Warren Porter
Director of Operations
AVS Housing Group, Inc.

Smart Package Lockers and Mailroom Software

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Ellen De Lude
Vice President
LIVEbe Communities